Old Hickory Press is a new publishing venture dedicated to preserving the great traditions of Southern literature represented by Robert Penn Warren, William Faulkner and Eudora Welty.

The first evidence of this commitment is our debut novel, West End, a compelling and classic story by first time novelist Crockett White of a Southern town’s struggle with the end of legalized segregation and the rise of the golden age of progressive politics and the people responsible for it. Picking up where Warren’s All the King’s Men left off, West End extends the fable through another great fall by Humpy Dumpty, the return to a one-party South and the silencing of the region’s once potent voice of change, the courageous and crusading Southern newspaper.

Like Warren’s early 20th century landscape, Crockett White’s 1960s and 70s is littered with human foibles of class distinction, envy, infidelity and corruption. White’s Tate West is every bit as tragic as Willie Stark and his David Arthur as lost and malleable as Jack Burden. And like Warren’s men, their lives are repeatedly pockmarked by frequently delicious but often punitive collisions with interesting women.

West End is available in hardcover, paperback and e-book through both Amazon, Ingram's Spark and book stores. I hope you find this work worthy of review and comment and the launch of Old Hickory Press an important development in the rapidly changing world of book and music publishing, where the old paradigm is rapidly giving way to innovation. Old Hickory Press was founded and funded by a courageous group of Nashville investors and has creative and pre-publishing services in nearby Murfreesboro, TN, Lexington, KY and Oak Park, IL. Contact us by email at Oldhickorypress@gmail.com, or by phone 859-312-6605.

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Jim Squires



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Not exactly in the same tradition as Warren, Faulkner, or Welky, Old Hickory Press's latest author addition, Ralph Squirrels, brings to
life some lovable characters from the animal kingdom in the first of a series of Ralph Squirrels Plays Sports books for children.



 Ralph Squirrels

 Cackle the crow

 Crabby the crab

Dinker the duck

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Ralph Squirrels Plays Golf

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 Toby the turtle

 Stinker the skunk

Rab the rabbit




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